Why We Love Melbourne

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Melbourne – to anyone who ever sets foot there – becomes a city of dreams. Anything becomes possible, and everything becomes magical. Here is a list of why we love Melbourne.

The Coffee

Australians love their coffee – and trust me – no coffee lover can resist its allure. The coffee is amazing, rich, deep and… amazing! There is no perfect weekend than sitting in a peaceful café, sipping a cup of delicious Australian coffee and reading a book of your choice. 

The street art

Melbourne is a city of art. The streets are alive with creativity and colour, which can make someone feel as if he/she is living in an art. Be it the Hosier Lane (an alley devoted to graffiti and art), or the bridge made out the old rail bridge, there are always sights to see and experience. You will never get bored in the streets of Melbourne.

The night life

Melbourne has a night life to die for! There is a variety of bars and pubs that anyone can choose from, including ones with topless waitresses in Perth.

So if you are all for some ‘adventurous’ night out with your friends, then hit a bar with topless waitresses. However, if you are for a more ‘laid back’ night out, then once again, Melbourne is the place for you. There are many restaurants like the Everleigh, Eau the Vie that offers you the perfect chance to sit back and relax with your friends.

Entertainment and events

Melbourne is a city bustling with life. There are always so many things going on, to see and to enjoy. There is a vast range of events from the comedy festival to the F1 grand prix. And the best thing is that there are ample free opportunities as well. So, the city always has something to offer for everyone, making it a favourite destination in the summer. On the other hand, you can visit this link http://www.elisesangels.com.au/events/bucks-nights/ if you are looking for buck’s night strippers.

The people

It is a must say –the people in Melbourne are so kind and amazing. They are extremely helpful, dignified and courteous. My experience in Melbourne has proven to me that people there are some of the best to live among with.

So many things to see and behold

Melbourne, as we told before, is a city which offers its visitors so many things in abundance. The same applies to its tourists. You can admire the architecture at the State Library of Victoria, have some bargaining fun at the local open market, wander around the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, go on a winery tour at the Yara Valley Vine and even enjoy seeing kangaroos and penguins. Or throw your fears to the air, and take a balloon ride against the sunset – the beauty of this experience will stay with you forever.