What is men’s obsession with lingerie?

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It is no secret that men have a kind of obsession with lingerie. It might be some type of stereotype but every sexy advert, music video or film where the women wants the man to do what she wants all she has to do is put on her little black dress, or some variation of this classic sexy costume. You can visit this great site for all details.
Calling men’s obsession with lingerie a stereotype is also a little generous really because lingerie does have a certain pull in the mind of the vast majority of men. But why is this the case? Why does a women in skimpy lingerie or dressed in a sexy costume get men all worked up?
Well the first answer is obvious – men find women in lingerie sexy. It is a well-documented fact that men are obsessed not just with lingerie but with sex so any women nearly naked down to her birthday suit in the latest Victoria Secret thong is bound to get some pulses throbbing because it is almost always the start of foreplay before sex. Any women who has gone to the lengths to look her best for her man and put on a sexy costume isn’t going to do it just to go and do the washing up or watch television. No, sweat pants and baggy t-shirts are for chilling in front of the TV, sexy costumes and lingerie means much more.
This can’t just be the be all and end all to it, can it?
No it isn’t. Surprise to say men do have more layers than just the animalistic courtship of sex and lingerie and costumes mean a lot more to them than just a bit of rough and tumble.
The thing about sex that men love is not just the act, but the other side of people that it brings out and nothing epitomises this more a women dressed in a sexy costume or fantasy lingerie. Lingerie says to a man that a woman is confident and is willing to do things in the bedroom that you wouldn’t expect if you were to just meet her out on the street. It is not so much the lingerie but the attitude that goes with it. Lingerie brings out the sexiness in women all around the world because dressing up in lingerie and a sexy costume is a distinct change from normal life. Men love this just as much as women do. It’s all quite psychological really!
MediaLike everyone in life we are always affected and manipulated by what we see and hear and men are no different. Often in the media the most glamourous women on TV are dressed down in their lingerie and this picture is taken by a man as what a woman should look like, or at least what they would like a woman to look like. Seeing a woman in lingerie then fills their head with their pipe dreams and fantasies that the media has created.