tantric sessions

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 People who want to start practising tandric sex usually attends sessions that they can be informed about the various things that are involved in tantic sex. There they will not only get the necessary information they desire but they will also be couched as to how the go about the trantric sex.  These sessions are normally hosted by the tantric Goddess they provide detailed information to the partners in ways that they can understand and then relate. When a person is going to a tantric session for the first times, the main aim is to ensure that they are relaxed enough so that they can be comfortable within the session, as it is a new place for them, as a result nerves may take over, because of things partners are usually given some water upon arrival and those who need something stronger may request some wine. People can attend the sessions as a couple or they may choose to go as a single person then bring in the partner at a later date. Female Escort who wants to attend a tantric session needs to provide a good reason as to why they want to engage in this session, if the reason given is not one of the acceptable reasons, then they may not be accepted by the Goddess to attend the sessions, these information are usually requested when applying for the session. The tantric session in Sydney usually begins with a spiritual bath or a massage and in some instances it begins with both a bath and a massage. A spiritual bath is one where the individual is prepared to take a bath on sacred ground the area is surrounded by scented candles as well as rose petals, the water used is usually mineral water that is warm enough for the individual to enjoy so that they can be comfortable enough to open up their bodies, mind and soul. The massages given to people are normally given to them by the tantric Goddess, they use the various techniques that they have learnt to give a full body massage that will help to ease a persons mind thoroughly. The organs that are most sensitive will be massaged to the fullest, these help to make the person feel free and reborn. The tantric session that is held for man has many differences to what is held for women, but in the end the results stay the same, only different techniques are used . Men and women orgasm differently so the technique use is they one that has the greatest impact on the individual, the aim of the session, is not for orgasm to occur, so whenever the session is going on and the participants are about to ejaculate the Goddess must be sure to stop whatever they are doing to ensure that the participants do not ejaculate, whenever the person calm down the Goddess should resume her job, this should continue over period of time.