Hens And Bucks Nights : A Time Of Bonding

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They say that the hens and the bucks nights are the last opportunity of sexual freedom before the hitch is set in place. Where debauchery and sexual liberalism is encouraged before the knot is tied and all forms of this kind of behavior is no longer allowed. Although this certainly is an aspect of the hens and bucks night, another important aspect that is usually overlooked to the entire binding of the event is the factor of bonding between friends. A hens and bucks night is a time to remember and to reflect ( when one can remember and reflect, that is ) on the true meaning of friendship and love in the times of our lives. Between women, a hen’s night is a time to think about ones own ideas about marriage and fidelity. About sexual freedom and sexual abandon. What time is the right time for us to settle down? Is there ever an appropriate time to do that? Should we even be thinking about settling down when there’s so much fun out there to be had in the world, no matter how old or young we are? Women by nature, bond more easily than men do. That’s a grand statement to make but in society, it’s a well spread platitude that women seek intimacy more than men do. During a hens night hiring male strippers has become a tradtion, it’s an opportunity for the friends of the bride to be to see their friend in a new light. She is about to be married. She is about to exit the world of dating and of ephemeral ‘test’ relationships. She’s about to be in a sense, dating the same man for the rest of her life. For men, the event of a bucks night is a time where male hubris comes to a halt. For the groom to be that is. And for a man, to finally accept that a time of sexual freedom and masculine virility must draw to a close is especially hard. Sexual freedom comes easier for men who never will have to worry about pregnancies. As for sexually transmitted infections? They are less threatening than a potential new born, although this can be argued depending on who you are and what you contract. Without trying to sound like I’m gender stereotyping, it must be said that a man’s ability to freely engage in sex is granted more easier than for a woman. To let go of this freedom for a man, is going to be tough. For a woman, being sexually liberated results in all sorts of unwanted taglines. “ Slut”, “ Whore”, “Loose woman” are all common tags attributed to women who participate in frequent sexual activity. Throw those fears and anxieties out the window at the hens or bucks night though. Enjoy and indulge in your last night of sexual freedom. This is the last time you’ll be able to get loose without getting judged. Or maybe even a divorce.